Scientific studies

During the course of foundation and development, the ISOS has presided to undertake many scientific study programs and projects at national and ministerial levels with a view to providing scientific theories and practices for the development of the State organizational branch.

From 1999 – 2009, the ISOS has completed a number of programs, projects, thematic proposals, such as:

- Scientific study projects at national level: 8      

- Scientific study projects at ministerial level:  133

- Scientific study programs at ministerial level (2002-2004): 4

- Fundamental study and survey projects: 7

In addition, the ISOS has, annually, undertaken many thematic studies at ministerial level. 

Scientific study management          

Implementation of the function of assisting the Minister of Home Affairs in managing and implementing the work plan of scientific studies, the ISOS has made the strategy and plan of developing scientific studies of the Home Affairs branch; and develop long-term and annual work plans of scientific studies of the MOHA

  Annually, the ISOS organizes the implementation of the work plan on scientific studies of MOHA, assists the directors of research projects to implement and complete their works; and evaluates the results of scientific studies; organizes regular meetings and conferences on scientific studies.