Results of Scientific Studies

            In the recent years, beside executing thefunctions and missions in state management as decentralized and appointed by Government, the Ministry of Home Affairs has continuously received enthusiastic participation for its scientific researching activities from the cadres, civil servants and governmental employees of departments in the Ministry and units under direct control of the Ministry. Performing the appointed missions, the Institute for State Organizational Sciences consulted to the Ministry of Home Affairs in executing, with outcomes produced, more than 140 scientific programs, topics on state organizational structure, local government development, establishing and developing cadres, civil servants, reforming state administration and public service, managing associations and non-governmental organizations,clerical work and archives.

            Research outcomes from scientific programs and topics not only provides scientific base serving to construct the institution and policies of the Ministry but also preliminarily set up theoretical background for forming and developing knowledge on organizational science, state organization, administration studies, political studies, etc.Concurrently, scientific researching activities contributes to renovate thinking, improve capacity in conducting researching activities to set up mechanism and policy for civil servants, governmental employees of the Ministry of Home Affairs. 

            Achieving the above mentioned scientific researching outcomes, firstly it is thanks to close leadership of the Ministry leader board for scientific researching activities, then the consultation from members in Scientific Council of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the ISOS Scientific Council, and instruction and favoring of directors of departments and units in the Ministry; especially, the efforts, determination and devotion to scientific research of cadres, civil servants, governmental employees in the Ministry in general and the topic chairman and members in the topic executive board  in particular.

Results of scientific research
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