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Evaluation of the scientific topic “Evaluation of decentralization practices in public employee recruitment in Central directly controlled cities, provinces at present”

On 12 January 2016, the scientific topic entitled “Evaluation of decentralization practices in public employee recruitment in Central directly controlled cities, provinces at present” (Scientific Topic) chaired by Dr. Tran Nghi, Head of Division of Public Employee Management Studies - ISOS, was evaluated. The Evaluation Council was led by Dr. Tran Van Ngoi, ISOS President.

The evaluation session included the participation of members of Evaluation Council, representatives of heads and researchers in ISOS’s subordinate divisions and centers.

Dr. Tran Nghi – the Chairman of the Scientific Topic reporting key findings

In the evaluation session, key findings of the Scientific Topic were briefly presented by Dr. Nghi. Accordingly, theoretical issues on decentralization and decentralization in recruitment of public employees were addressed. Decentralization practices in the Central directly controlled cities and provinces since the promulgation of the Ordinance of Cadres, Civil servants were evaluated; strength and limitations were analyzed accompanied with causal factors. Consequently, recommendations were suggested to improve the quality in recruiting public employees in the time to come.

Overall view of the evaluation session

The Evaluation Council’s feedbacks, on one side, recognized strong points of the Scientific Topic i.e., timely deployment, appropriate structure, informative rich data, adequate assessment of decentralizing practices in public employee recruitment in Central directly controlled provinces and cities in two phases, recommended solutions to existing limitations in recruitments of public employees in the up-coming time.

On the other side, inadequate contents in the Scientific Topic were pointed out for further review and studies. Rationale and literature review were necessarily enriched, and time scope for the study should be prolonged up to present and focused on the recruitment of public employees in public professional career institutions. In Chapter 1, concepts of decentralization in public employee recruitments and influencing factors should be better clarified, as they would be the base for analysis in the Chapter 2. Contents in the Chapter 2 existed in mixture with evaluation of decentralization in recruiting public employees. Review of provincial legislation documents on recruitment of public employees was not addressed. In addition, more evidences should be provided to illustrate limitations; over-generalized solutions should be readjusted to propose practical, effective and focal solutions …

This Scientific Topic was ranked at Good level./.

By Nguyen Trang

Translated by QG

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