Evaluation session of the ministerial scientific project “Small government, large society in the condition of market economy and integration – orientation and emerging issues in our country”

On 25 September 2018, at the headquater of the Ministry of Home Affairs, an evaluation session was taken by the Institute for State Organizational Sciences to assess the ministerial scientific topic Small government, large society in the condition of market economy and integration – orientation and emerging issues in our country” chaired by Dr Nguyen Khanh Ly, chaired lecturer of the Falculty of State and Legislation, National Academy of Public Administration.

The Evaluation Council (Council) comprised of 7 member headed by Professor Associate, Dr. Nguyen Minh Man, Office of the state council for professor title of Vietnam.

Professor Associate, Dr. Nguyen Minh Man chaired the evaluation session

At the evaluation session, Dr. Nguyen Khanh Ly, on behalf of the Research Team, introduced the ministerial scientific project’s findings in brief. Accordingly, “Small government, large society” is the orientation and direction for public administrative reform heading towards a government with a smart and compact but highly efficient and effective organizational mechinary and a “large society” with the meaning of an ever-expanding market (enterprises) of producing and trading across all industries and occupation which are allowed by law; and societal organizations, as contributors, together with the State provide public services and fulfill the gaps caused by market failures, particularly protect environment and ensure social welfare. Vietnam is actively promote public administrative reform, the Government has gradually renovated its functions, duties, organizational structure and operational method. However, in fact, the State machinery are large-sized, multi-layered; while certain functions and duties are overlapping, the others remain. One among important reasons is the weak coordination in the relationship among State – Market - Society. Therefore, the Scientific Project is conducted to identify this relationship to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Government.

Doctor Nguyen Khanh Ly introduced the key findings of the Research Project

Evaluating the findings of the Project, the Evaluation Council affirmed both of the theoretical and practical values of the Research Project. The final report of the Research Project has been well edited and embedded corrections suggested by the Evaluation Council at the primary evaluation; therefore, has met the requirements of State machinery reform of our country at present. Generally, the Research Team has reached the research goal and tasks set out. The Research Team, has analyzed the essential theoretical frame relating to the roles and functions of the State, market and economy as well as the tri-partie relationship. Besides, in terms of status-quo analysis, the Research Team has made analysis of outcomes, limitations in the perspectives of organizational structure and operational activities of the Government, of local governments, experiences from foreign countries in constructions of a compact and efficient Government. Moreover, the Research Team has pointed out directions and solutions to continue improving the organizational structure and performance of the Government and local government to be feasible and appropriate.

MA. Nguyen Phuoc Tho, Function Head of the Department of Legislation,
Office of the Government in his comments for the Research Project

Besides the achieved results, the Council member also requested the Chairperson of the Research Project to supplement and clarify several contents, i.e., compact in writing style, clear in theoretical reasoning, clarifying the nature and inner contents conveyed by the ”small Government, large society”, and make more analysis of the tri-partie relationship among State – market - society. Additionally, the typical feature of this model in its application in Vietnam should be described. Recommendations and petitions should be in more specific in directions, orientation, solutions, ect…

In his concluding remarks, the Professor Associate, Doctor Nguyen Minh Man highly appreciated the findings of the Research Projects and reassured its theoretical and practical necessity. However, further amendments should be made to embed the Council’s opinion for corrections to complete the final report of the Research Proposal.

The Research Project is evaluated and ranked at the Good level./.

News, photo by Do Hong

 Translated by Quynh Giang