1. Resolution No.19/NQ-CP dated 12 March 2015 on key missions and solutions to keep improving business environment, enhancing national competitive strength in 2015-2016

Resolution No.19/NQ-CP contributed significantly to reforming process by promoting competitive strength of ministries, agencies and localities individually; enhancing cooperation among ministries, agencies and localities in steering, managing activities, reflecting obvious efforts of the Government towards raising Vietnam position in regional and global investment and business maps. In 2015, targets on business environment reached and went beyond the average level of ASEAN-6 country-members; in 2016, striving to improve business environment at least reaching the ASEAN-4 average level for certain targets in accordance with international conventions.

2. Remarkable improvements in institutional reforms

Twenty seven laws were approved by the National Assembly for continuous perfecting legal framework in administrative system, judicial system, protecting justice, protecting human rights and fundamental rights and obligations of citizens, socialist – oriented market economic institution, reinforcing national defense, social security, safety and order; and enhancing public administration reforms, renovating administrative procedures, and international integration. In which, the Law on Organization of the Central Government (Amended) and Law on Organization of Local Governments were adopted by the 13th National Assembly in the 9th plenary on 19/6/2015. These laws conveyed strong reforming spirits, relevant to regulations in the Constitution 2013, creating important legal bases that contributed to develop a coherent, unified, effective and efficient public administration from the Centre to localities, which can meet requirements of state management in new era.

3. Positive achievements in administrative procedure reforms across various fields

Administrative procedures in taxation, custom and social insurance got remarkable achievements; contributed efforts towards targets set out in the Resolution No.19/NQ-CP. Time length for custom clearance of goods was reduced from 21 days down to 14 days for exportation and 13 days for importation. In taxation, the total number of hours for proceeding administrative procedures has been reduced 420 hours so far (from 537 hours down to 117 hours). National OSS regime officially came into practices and connected technically to ASEAN OSS regime since 08 September 2015, contributing to strengthen renovation of administrative procedures in customs through shortened processing cycle, reduction in time and administrative fees, transparency enhancement in procedures implementation facilitated enterprises.

4. OSS and inter-OSS mechanism come into practices

Regulation of OSS and inter-OSS in state administrative organizations in localities was promulgated by the Prime Minister in the Decision No.09/2015/QD-TTg dated 25 March 2015. So far, most of localities across the country used modern OSS model at district level.

5. Gradual realizing tools for PAR measuring, monitoring and evaluation

PAR Index 2014 was announced by MOHA for ministries and ministerial-level agencies, people committees of the Central directly controlled provinces and cities. Therefore, positive influences were made to leadership, steering and management of PAR in ministries, ministerial-level agencies and people committees of the Central directly controlled provinces and cities. SIPAS 2015 was jointly implemented by MOHA and Vietnam Fatherland Front, Vietnam Invalids Association in 10 Central directly controlled provinces and cities. On one hand, it served to assess objectively the quality of public service delivered; on the other hand, it gathered feedbacks and expectations from citizens and organizations that would be the base for recommend solutions to improve public service quality and delivery, ultimately raise the satisfaction and maximize benefits for citizens and organizations.

6. Downsizing policies and impressive figures

The Resolution No.39-NQ/TW dated 17 April 2015 promulgated by the Politburo clarified objectives, opinions and synchronous solutions to implement downsizing, restructuring the staff of cadres, civil servants and public employees. Practicing the Resolution on downsizing, a number of ministries, sectors and localities reduced their staff quantity in 2015 and setting up their own research projects on downsizing in 2016. So far to 11 January 2016, 25 personnel downsizing turns in ministries, sectors and 79 turns in localities have made in 2015 and 2016, resulting in a reduction of 9,595 laborers including 339 people from Party block; 1.204 people from administration; 5.999 people from public professional career institutions; 2.004 communal cadres and civil servants and 49 people from state-owned enterprises.

7. Remarkable achievements in renovating civil service and civil servant regime. Basically complete building the Scientific Project on Job Position Identification in ministries, sectors and localities.

 MOHA appraised and approved the occupational position categories of 63/63 provinces and 05 ministries, sectors that exceeding the planned targets in the Research Project up to 2015; 70% of state agencies and organizations from the Central to district level got their occupational position categories and rank-based civil servant developed and approved. The Decree No.56/2015/ND-CP dated 09 June 2015 by Government stipulating evaluation and classification of cadres, civil servants and public formulated a crucial statutory background for renovations in performance-based evaluation and classification of cadres, civil servants, public employees, contributing to improve quality of the staff of cadres, civil servants and public employees.

8. Scientific Project "Piloting renovation of selecting departmental and divisional leaders and managers" got agreement from the Politburo and was assigned to the Party Management Board of the Government chaired in cooperation with the MOHA’s Party Management Board to complete the Research Project to start implementation up on receiving the Politburo’s opinion. Once the Scientific Project approved, the examination for departmental and divisional leaders and managers would be officially applied in all ministries, sectors and localities.

9. Decree No.16/2015/ND-CP stipulating autonomous regime for public professional career institutions issued by Government on 14/02/2015

This is one among essential policies, contributing to renovate and reform public reforms through regulations, which enhanced autonomy and self-responsibilities of public professional career institutions, eased budget burdens to reform wages. In the coming time, the Government will consider to issue decrees regulating autonomous and self-responsible regime for public professional career institutions in specific sectors and fields.

10. Resolution No.36a/NQ-CP on e-Government dated 14 October 2015 promulgated by the Government, in purpose of enhancing the development of e-Government to improve quality and operational efficiency of state agencies, better serving the people and enterprises; raising the position of Vietnam regarding e-Government in the United Nation’s ranking; promoting disclosure, transparency in operational activities of state agencies via network environment.

Translated by QG