Training workshop on “Piloting investigation of democracy practices in state organizations”

On 12 December 2015, under the framework of the Project "Investigate realistic status, propose solutions to enhance the efficiency of implementation of grassroots democracy, the training workshop entitled “Piloting implementation of grassroots democracy in state organizations” was held for state administrative agencies and public professional career organizations of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism by ISOS.

From ISOS side, Dr. Tran Van Ngoi, ISOS President and heads of ISOS’s subordinate divisions and centres attended the workshop. From the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), leaders and officials of the General Department of Sports, the Department of Cultural Heritage; Market Management Department; Import and Export Department; Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering; Vietnam Institute for Trade; Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts studies; Centre of Information and Technology; Hanoi University of Industry came to participate in the workshop.

ISOS President Dr. Tran Van Ngoi delivering speech in the training workshop

In his opening speech, Dr. Ngoi stated that the training workshop was aimed to provide instructions to conduct survey and write report about democracy in current practices in state administrative agencies and public professional career institutions, and to discuss on democracy implementation in specific departments and organizations of MOIT and MCST.

At the workshop, Mrs Nguyen Huyen Hanh, Head of Division of Studies on Remuneration, Public policies and Regimes, on behalf of the Project Team, summarized the content of surveying toolset. Participants discussed on contents and structure of the report instruction paper and generalized the implementation status of the Democracy Regulation in their organizations and units. Most of them agreed that the content in the report were rather detailed and specific, depicting realistic issues in state organizations. As revealed by the participants, despite being decentralized by the Ministries in financial management and citizen complaint management, they still found several questions in surveying sheets difficult to answer and several point in report instructions confused to follow. It was supposed to be their restricted authorities in the participatory mechanism in certain issues. Besides, an end-year review meeting of cadres, civil servants and public employees is organized annually to collect feedbacks on functions, missions and operations of the organizations, particularly those of the head of organization. This is the base for annual review over performance of leaders of the organization. Besides, participants discussed other relating issues, i.e., further upholding the specific responsibilities of the head of organization; in public professional career institutions, responsibilities of the head include responsibilities in administering and governing the operation of the institution, disclosure of internal spending items; responsibilities in training, fostering, utilizing and recruitment of public employees and labourers.

Besides, surveying sheets should be supplemented with due consideration into logical structure, connection throughout the whole set of questions. Others commented that separate templates should be designed, including one template for managerial officials and another template for civil servants, public employees in general.

To conclude, President Tran Van Ngoi expressed his gratitude to opinions and practical reflections from participants; concurrently request the Project Team to consolidate and learned in selective manner from the comments in order to complete the surveying toolset./.

Written by Tien Dung

Translated by QG