Evaluation of the scientific ministerial – level Proposal “Scientific bases for the management of archived professional documents – a case study in Hydrometeorology Sector”

On 15 October, a meeting was held by the Institute for State Organizational Sciences (ISOS) to evaluate the scientific ministerial – level Proposalentitled “Scientific bases for the management of archived professional documents – a case study in Hydro-meteorology Sector” (the Proposal) chaired by MA. Nguyen Anh Thu, official in the Division of Central Records and Archives Skills, the subordinate unit of the State Records Management and Archives Department of Vietnam. 

The Evaluation Council (Council) comprised of seven member sheaded by Doctor Hoang Quoc Tuan, Director General of the Department of Records Management and Archives under the Office of the Central Party’s Committee. 

Mrs. Nguyen Anh Thu presented the Summary report of the Proposal

At the evaluation session, on behalf of the Research Team, Thubriefly introduced the Proposal. It is shown from the fact that despites the existence of management regulations on archived professional documents in the legislation prescribed for the Archiving Sector and other relating sectors, there has been so far no thorough science-based explanations for the management of archived professional documents. In the meantime, the continuous growing number of professional documents requires strict management. This is the rationale for the Proposal “Scientific bases for the management of archived professional documents – a case study in Hydro-meteorology Sector”, which is theoretically and practically meaningful. The Proposal comprises of three chapters, focusing on clarifying theoretical bases and legal bases for management ofarchived professional documents, originating from both realistic practices of managing archived professional document in Hydro-meteorology Sector and experiences of foreign countries. From that, thesolutions to the establishment of scientific bases for managing archived professional documents were recommended for Vietnam in current context. 

The overall view of the evaluation session

On evaluating the outcomes of the Proposal, the Council members commented that it not only provides practical meanings for managers but also is useful referencing materials for teaching in Archiving major. The outcome report of the Proposal successfully answered to the research goal thanks to Research Team’s good deal of efforts. The Proposal is appropriately structured. Through sociological survey and analysis, the up side and down side in practical management ofarchived professional documents in Hydro-meteorology Sectorin Vietnam and of some countries in the world. Besides, the Proposal specified the essential management and pointed out managerial principles and measures for professional documents. Additionally, recommendations were raised to realize the scientific bases for managing archived professional documents, particularly the establishment of Archiving History for better managing and archiving documents.

Beside successes, the Proposal still revealed some limitations, i.e., the situation analysis sector should be rewritten to enrich comments and assessments instead of listing facts and data. The research objectives should be written clearly and condensed. Types and features of hydro-meteorology documents, about which assumptions were overused, should be supported with more analysis and illustrations to help readers not to confuse. Regarding foreign experiences, the management of hydro-meteorology information and data in foreign countries were listed and were neither analyzed or directed in persuasive explanations. The Chapter 1 lacking logic structurally and few strong arguments. Chapter 1 was structurally illogical with loosen arguments. While more discussions on meaning and values of hydro-meteorology professional documents should be added in the Chapter 1, meanings and values of professional documents in general should be supplemented in the Chapter 2. They are important bases for recommendations to be set up in the Chapter 3. Recommendations in the Chapter 3 were supposed to be general and seemed to be separated from the practical analysis. The authors should review to develop recommendations closer to the Project title. Despite sociological surveys in Hydro-meteorology Sector, hydro-meteorology data alone is insufficient. More information from surveying in other sectors such as Geology and environmental should be collected in addition. Moreover, review of expressions were recommended to prevent misunderstandings; and references should be rearranged to follow regulated format.

In conclusion, Dr. Hoang Quoc Tuan evaluated that the research results of the Proposalwas basically consistent with the objectives and tasks set out. However, there exist limitations required to be reviewed. The Research Team should learn from the Council’s feedbacks to perfect the Research Project.

The Proposal was ranked Fair. /.

By Nguyen Trang

Translated by ISF/Tiendung