Inauguration Ceremony of the 12th Party Congress’s website

On 14 September, the Press Centre of the 12th Party Congress held an Inauguration Ceremony to launch the official website of the 12th Party Congress. The website was opened for the purpose of encouraging the whole Party, the People and the Army to promote patriotic spirit, the wills of self-reliance and resilience, the strength of national solidarity,  and national solidarity and emulation to successful implementation of the Party organization’s resolutions at all level in tenure 2010 - 2015.

The 12th Party Congress’s website is located at This is the official website of the 12th Congress of the Party on internet. The website is demonstrated in four languages including Vietnamese, English, French and Chinese.

Inauguration Ceremony of the 12th Party Congress’s website

The website is targeted to propagandize to cadres, Party members and the whole People on the meaning and roles of the Congress, opinions, guiding principles and broad directions specified in documents of Party’s Congress at different levels and the Party Congress XII.

As emphasized by Mr. Le Hong Anh, a Politburo’s member, that the press system, including the 12th Party Congress’s website, should focus on investigation of new factors and best practitioners across all fields of life in order to celebration on the occasion of the 12th Party Congress.

Concurrently, the roles and importance of the Congress, especially the opinions and guiding principles set out in the congress of Party organizations at all levels and the 12th Party Congress, should be disseminated to all cadres, Party members and citizens to promote their spirit, responsibility, intellectuals, enthusiasm and contribution to complete the Congress’s documents.

The good communication about the 12th Party Congress, as said by Mr. Le Hong Anh, would contribute to assure the beliefs of the whole Party, the People and the Army into the revolution led by the Party, that ultimately aimed at wealthy people, strong country, democracy, fairness and civilization. In order to make that happens; good arrangements would necessarily be done to collect opinions of citizens, who were living inside the country and those living oversea. Simultaneously, good preparation of propagation contents should be done to prevent and defeat plots and tricks of the political opportunists and other negative efforts.

Source: Chinh

Translated by ISF/Ccr