The 3rd MOHA Party Congress in tenure 2015-2020
       On the occasion of the 70th year of August Revolutionary Day (19 August), National Day (2 September), the MOHA Foundation Day and Traditional Day of State Organization Sector (28 August), the 3rd Party Congress (in tenure 2015-2020) was solemnly organized in Hanoi by the Party Organization of the Ministry of Home Affairs (briefly called the MOHA Party Organization). The Congress occurred within two days from 27th – 28th August in theme off "Solidarity - Democracy - Responsibility - Discipline – Tradition Promotion - Firmly Stepping-up".

MOHA Minister, Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh and Mr. Dao Ngoc Dung, Secretary of the Steering Committee of the Party Organization in Central Agencies Block (briefly called the CAB Party Steering Committee) came and led the Congress. Attending the Congress, there were former members of the Party Central Committee, former MOHA Ministers, Vice Ministers and former Vice Ministers together with 153 outstanding Party members representing more than 1,500 members in the whole MOHA Party Organization.


Mr. Dao Ngoc Dung, the Secretary of the CAB Party Steering Committee at his speech


Mr. Dao Ngoc Dung congratulated the Minister of Home Affairs Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh with flowers

         Speaking at the opening speech to the Congress, Secretary of MOHA Party Steering Committee, Vice Minister Tran Anh Tuan, emphasized that the Congress was concurrently held with the August Revolutionary Day, National Day, the 70th anniversary of MOHA Foundation Day and Traditional Day of State Organization Sector. Over the time, the MOHA Party Organization strongly carried out patriotic emulative movements to greet important celebration events of the country, the Ministry and the Sector. Under the direction of the MOHA Party Organization, all of its subordinate Party organizations and branches had organized and completed their Congresses rather earlier. The MOHA Party Congress focused on 3 focal contents: First is to review the activities of the MOHA Party Organization in the tenure 2010-2015 and identify directions and duties to be done in the tenure 2015-2020. Second is to discuss and give feedbacks to the drafted document of the Central Party XI in order to present to the Party Congress XII, and the drafted Political Report by the CAB Party Executive Committee to present in front of the coming Congress. And thirdly, to organize election for Standing Committee of the MOHA Party Organization in the tenure 2015-2020 and elect delegations to participate in the Congress of the CAB Party Organization in the tenure 2015-2020.

         Simultaneously, the Vice Minister Tran Anh Tuan also grasped thoroughly the requirements and directions of the Centre and the CAB Party Steering Committee. He requested participants to enhance their spirits, responsibilities and positively contribute to all activities of the Congress in order to ensure the highest results across different working contents in the Congress.


Mr. Mai Thanh Binh, Standing Deputy Secretary of MOHA Party Steering Committee presented the Political Report to the Congress.

In the Congress, Mr. Mai Thanh Binh, Standing Deputy Secretary of MOHA Party Steering Committee presented the Political Report of the MOHA Party Organization‘s Executive Committee (briefly called the MOHA Party Executive Committee). As said in the Report, over the five years of challenges brought about from international and regional situations, despites more political duties assigned, Party Steering Committees and Party organizations at all levels have promoted their roles; operating method was renovated; improvements were made in both leadership over political duties implementation and in the Party’s development. The MOHA Party Steering Committee always strongly cooperated with the MOHA Party Management Committee, timely leading cadres and Party members to promote their spirits and responsibilities, overcoming difficulties, striving for successfully implementation of the Central Resolutions and instructions provided by CAB Party Steering Committee.

In the previous tenure, the MOHA Party Steering Committee provided comprehensive leadership and directions across all aspects of work of the MOHA Party Organization and accomplished a huge volumes of work in plan and unscheduled work. Activities across aspects of work were planned in specific programs and operational plans. The MOHA Party Organization, in its activities, strongly focused to grassroots level, being active in leadership, focal in steering in order to draw out experiences in implementation practices. The MOHA Party Steering Committee, and Party Steering Committees of MOHA subordinate Party Organizations and branches (hereafter called in short the MOHA subordinate Party Steering Committees), through their strengthened implementation in education of political ideology and inspection and monitoring activities, gained remarkable achievements. Other activities, i.e., completion of organizational structure, staffing of the Party at grassroots level, Party development activities and the leading role of people and associations in the MOHA unified understandings and actions in Party development of the MOHA Party Organization.

The MOHA subordinate Party Steering Committees promoted the role of political core factor in leading cadres, Party members to implement the Party’s policies and State’s legislation. The staff of cadres and Party members held firm political ideology and standpoints, actively overcame  difficulties, upheld spirits and responsibilities, made great efforts to accomplish the assigned tasks, actively participated in various activities, did good things in the emulative movement for implementing "Study and follow the Ho Chi Minh exemplary morality". The MOHA Party Organization was united and unanimous internally. Its activities were kept in good order with gradually increasing efficiency and quality. The Ministry basically accomplished all of its duties, ensuring the programs and plans initially set out.  Members of the MOHA subordinate Party Steering Committees, in their own field of work, promoted the spirits, consciousness and responsibility towards the Party development activities, contributing to efficiently perform the duties set out by the Ministry and the MOHA Party Organization.

        During the tenure 2015 - 2020, MOHA Party Organization determined to continue the major issues: To strengthen solidarity and unity, democracy, creativity, leadership capacity and combativeness of grassroots party organizations and the quality of cadres and Party members. To build the MOHA Party Organization to be clean, comprehensively strong. To lead cadres, Party members, civil servants and public employees in the Ministry to excellently perform political tasks. Those were set under the following specific targets:

- 100% of Party members to study and grasp thoroughly the Resolution of the Party Congress XII, the Directives, the Resolutions of the Party Central Committee (XII), the Resolution of the CAB Party Organization, and Resolution of the MOHA Steering Committee.

- 100% of cadres and Party members to register "Study and follow the Ho Chi Minh’s exemplary morality".

- 100% of Party organizations and branches to build and supplement ethical standards following Ho Chi Minh’s exemplary moralities and implement effectively, each Party branch organized a thematic meeting quarterly.

- Annually 100% of Party members to complete the duties, of which 50% or more to complete duties at good level, 15% or more to hold eligible status of Party member and complete duties at outstanding level.

- Striving for at least 50% of the Party organizations, Party branches to be entitled "Clean, Stable and Strong”, “Typical Clean, Stable and Strong”, of which at least 20% of Party branches being entitled “Typical Stable and Strong”. Annually, the Party Organization gains the title "Clean, Stable and Strong".

- Organize to foster the awareness of the Party for 500 elite citizens. Strive to enrol 400 new Party members, and 100% of new Party members to be recognized as official Party members.

- 100% subordinate Party Organizations to conduct self-examination, 50% of the Party branch to be inspected under the Article 30 of Party’s Charter; annually carry out thematic monitoring visits to 50% of Party branches.


The 3rd Congress Presidium of MOHA Party Organization in the tenure 2015 - 2020

Delegates attending the Congress

In his directive speech in the Congress, Mr. Dao Ngoc Dung praised the achievements of the MOHA Party Organizations in the last tenure. It was emphasized by Dung that “Over the last five year, facing various difficulties and challenges, the MOHA Party Steering Committee tightly cooperated with the MOHA Party Management Committee in leading the implementation of political duties and the Party development activities. The Party Organization and cadres, Party members of the Ministry have accomplished a huge volume of work, including difficult and first-encountered work. Renovations have been made in provision of consultations to the Party and the State on building statutory document system, formulating open and transparent mechanisms in organizing, personnel management and State administrative work. Gradually, the organization model of local government was perfected, efficiency in management was improved to ensure coherence, clearness in organization and operation of governments at all levels. Public administration was strengthened and patriotic emulative movements were enhanced; state management on religions, state records and archives were promoted.

Dung also pointed out shortcomings and limitations in the work of the MOHA Party Organizations in the last tenure; simultaneously, he required the MOHA Party Organizations to continue maintain its outstanding performance in political ideology in the role and position of the Party Organization providing strategic consultations to the Government in the field of State Organization. The MOHA Party Steering Committee and its subordinate Party Steering Committees should strengthen their leadership to direct their Party organizations, cadres and Party members towards successfully accomplish their political duties. Continue to unite the Party Organization and develop it to be typical clean, stable and strong; upholding the leading capacities and combativeness of Party organizations. More promote effective cooperation between the Party Steering Committee and the Party Management Committee and with the Ministry Leaders collectively, between the Party Steering Committee with the leaders of organizations, institutions and with the Party Steering Committee of the localities locating on the areas.


Mr. Nguyen Thai Binh – MOHA Minister congratulated the MOHA Party Executive Committee in tenure 2015 -2020

The 3rd Congress elected the MOHA Executive Committee of 24 members. They were ensured to be the solidarity hub of the MOHA Party Organization, who were firm in wills, stable in political quality, clean in revolutionary ethnic, qualified, responsible, competent and intellectual to participate in collective decision-making process of the MOHA Party Executive Committee and capable in organizing and implementing effectively the goal and targets determined by the Congress. The Congress also elected the delegation to attend the CAB Party Organization Congress, including 6 official delegates and one alternate delegate.

The MOHA Party Executive Committee in its third tenure (2015 – 2020) organized the first round of working session to elect the Standing Committee, the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Inspection Commission and the Chairman of Inspection Commission. Accordingly, the Standing Committee of the MOHA Party Organization comprised of 5 members including the Secretary of the MOHA Party Steering Committee - Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Deputy Secretary - Mr. Trieu Van Cuong. The Inspection Commission of the MOHA Steering Committee comprised of six members led by Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh, the Chairman of Inspection Commission.


ISOS Party Organization Delegation in ceremonial photo with Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Secretary of MOHA Steering Committee in tenure 2015 - 2020

The 3rd MOHA Party Organization Congress in the tenure 2015-2020 was successfully completed, reflecting political determination of the MOHA Party Organization, which was “Solidarity – Democracy – Responsibility –Discipline – Tradition Promotion – Firmly Stepping-up”, renovating leading capacity and combativeness of the MOHA Party Organization, determining to outstandingly accomplish all political duties entrusted by the Party, the State and the People./.


Translated by ISF/Rub