MOHA Scientific Council Workshop in 2015

 On 22 January, a workshop of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Home Affairs in the year 2015 has been organized. Dr. Tran Anh Tuan, Vice Minister, the Chairman of the MOHA Scientific Council chaired the workshop. Attendants to the workshop included members in the MOHA Scientific Council, senior experts and leaders of the Institute for State Organizational Sciences. The workshop focused on reviewing scientific and technological activities in the year 2014 and operational direction in the year 2015.

Vice Minister of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Dr.Tran Anh Tuanchaired the workshop

In the workshop, a report on scientific and technological outcomes review in 2014 and orientations for activities in 2015 (hereafter referred as the Review Report) was presented by Mr. Tran Van Ngoi, Acting President of the Institute for State Organizational Sciences. Additionally, Mr. Doan Cuong, Director General of the Department of Planning and Finance presented a report on budget allocation for scientific and technological activities of the Ministry in 2015.

Mr. Tran Van Ngoi, Acting President of the Institute for State Organizational Sciences, at his presentation in the workshop

          Regarding the Ministry’s operational outcomes in field of science and technology in the last year, Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Vice Minister and other attendants to the workshop reached an agreement that the Scientific Council of the Ministry has shown its extreme seriousness in organizing selection, approval, review and evaluation of thematic topics and projects, etc … base on which the quality of scientific research activities has been remarkably increased, that, in its turn, made practical contributions to serve state management activities of the Ministry … Besides, the Review Report pointed out concerning issues, obstacles and short-comings and delay in implementation process of scientific duties, late submission of registration of scientific duties, and limited budget for scientific and technological activities, etc.

Associate Professor, Dr. Trieu Van Cuong – Rector of the Hanoi University of Home Affairs delivered his speech

Participants in the workshop discussed and gave their feedbacks to contribute to the completion of the Review Report and suggested solutions to tackle the mentioned short-comings, i.e. to request the Department of Planning and Finance to make petitions to financial management organizations and that detail instructions should be provided in order to guide units to promptly implement financial procedures under scientific duties; to classify scientific duties for appropriate allocation to units, of which fundamental scientific research duties should be assigned to institutes, training institutions while applied research duties should be given to functional departments in the Ministry; Scientific Management Regulations of the Ministry should be further amended so that they would match new situations and the MOHA Scientific and Technological Strategy should be soon issued; reduction in recurrent expenditures for subordinate research institutes under training institutions or academy.

 To sum up, Vice Minister Tran Anh Tuan assigned the Institute for State Organizational Sciences to receive feedbacks for completing the Review Report and meanwhile to implement calibration all of the scientific duties, which have been performed, to compare with the category of thematic topics and projects in 2015 to submit to the Scientific Council to make final decision, preventing overlapping assignments of duties. Vice Minister requested that the heads of units to raise their responsibilities, take more cares of and facilitate civil servants, public employees in implementing scientific duties of the units, and this should be taken into considerations for annual evaluation and classification of civil servants and public employees; and for the case of incomplete thematic topics and projects, serious treatment should be made in accordance with the regulations specified in the Ministry’s Scientific Management Regulations; and amendments and supplements should soon be made to the Scientific Management Regulations of the Ministry and required the Institute for State Organizational Sciences to urgently complete the duties in information and archiving scientific research outcomes ./.

Written by Thu Ha

Translated by QG